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Transaltic was established at the beginning of 1999 by its founding partners who came to work in the area of ​​international freight for several years. Providing its professionalism and experience together with the effort and capacity of its first employees they built a company specialized in providing complete logistics services.

Transaltic is an export/ import transportation company that offers a variety of competitive services, adapting to the specific requirements of each customer and their needs.

 Transaltic provides a complete service for the development of commercial activities at national and international level.  Its mission is to provide timely and efficient solutions appropriate to each product or business.

Customer satisfaction depends on a good knowledge for each situation. Consequently, each venture needs a service that advises it for greater profitability. Transaltic has a commercial vision of the role of transportation within the global business.  Based on optimal care, the relationship with its clients are for long term, offering answers for each situation and moment.

Transaltic has no territorial limits. Its diverse agents and representations throughout the world allow you to provide transportation services with total worldwide coverage.


  • PROFESSIONAL CAPACITY: We offer competitive prices according to the requirements of the International Market.


  • MOTIVATION: Our highly motivated and qualified personnel provide a top level attention.


  • PROFESSIONALISM: Directed by professionals with extensive experience in the company, Transaltic is a highly profitable business which works based on strict requirements.


  • RELIABILITY: In order to have a long lasting relationship you need to rely on us. We offer a complete and secure service.  

  • INNOVATION: Our philosophy is to improve in a permanent way.  According to our experience we have vision and creativity. 

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