As part of its flexible working philosophy to the requirements of each logistics solution, Transaltic offers maritime,

air and land transport services. Products are transported in the most suitable way to ensure delivery.




Our maritime service logistics has a wide variety of products that allow the customer to decide the best option for shipment.  We have a team of professionals capable of finding solutions to the needs that each business requires and also advising on the different alternatives of maritime service that we offer as door to door, Terminal to Terminal and port to port.


  • Containers

  • Consolidated loads

  • Break Bulk Cargo

  • Project Cargo

  • Chartering



Transaltic provides the ground service so that the customer can count on a complete logistics for their products and analyze the means of transport according to their needs. This also allows us to offer a combination of all services so that your shipment is transported in the most convenient way to ensure fast and safe delivery.


  • National and International road and rail logistics

  • Transportation service to and from port terminals

  • Transport of containers, general and special shipments

  • Multimodal (door to door ) Combination with maritime



Transaltic offers a complete itinerary of delivery and load options adapted to the time and price that the client requires. Our schedule is based on a rapid transit time and constant information about the shipment that allows us to save costs and to open up new market opportunities.


  • Consolidated

  • Direct

  • Charters

  • Door to door service

  • Door to airport



We have a fiscal warehouse service for your export and import shipment that through its distribution provides solutions to achieve a complete logistics chain.


  • Warehousing

  • Consolidation and deconsolidation of containers

  • Distribution

  • Container terminal

  • Palletized, labelled and product identification



Transaltic has added value to the mentioned services and is providing advice in foreign trade for customers who are looking for new alternatives for the development of their businesses or for those who need to market their products in the international level.


  • Market research

  • Legal and comercial instruments

  • International Marketing

  • Customs

  • Customers selection and development

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