Refrigerated logistics is a division of Transaltic S.A that is dedicated to the transportation of perishable products.  Through our personnel, specialized in different productive areas of Argentina and the knowledge of the transport of perishable products, we offer a complete and exhaustive logistics for the export / import of its products.


  • Maritime transport for refrigerated containers

  • Air transfer and shipments

  • Refrigerated logistics in rail and truck

  • Cold chamber

  • Health control and Customs clearance

  • Quality inspection



This division of Transaltic offers direct solutions for the food and beverage industry.  Through the different types of transportation we already offer, we add other services that help to cover the entire supply chain of each of its products.




  • Advice on income/outcome of your product in each country

  • Order taking and specialized packaging.

  • Management control on each product.

  • Storage and distribution

  • Pick up product direct from the producers plant



Transaltic grain logistics fully covers the service of this business area, from the reception of agricultural products for consolidation and / or verification to a wide range of grain storage, handling, marketing and processing operations. Through our integrated logistics chain we offer everything the exporter needs so that he can get his grains into the world market. In order to accomplish these activities, we offer:

  • Customized solutions for the reception and storage of grains.

  • Reception through the final stages of process.

  • Optimization of the plant through integral reconversion solutions.

  • Guarantee and safety on each consolidated.

  • Efficient and fast delivery of your containers to the port.



This department of Transaltic has dedicated its function to give the product that is used in Flexi as an alternative way for transporting non-hazardous liquid products like olive oil, juices, wines, etc.

Transaltic uses reliable and verified Flexi tanks by qualified personnel. Flexi's range of suitable tank materials is growing rapidly thanks to technology that makes possible factories to produce long-lasting, high-level Flexi tanks. We have a series of additional services to satisfy each need according to the product required:

  • Packaging Supply / Installation

  • The preparation, placement and assembly of the bulk heads are supervised.

  • Complete service, door to door, solutions from a single store, including the installation and supply of the flexi tank. 

  • • Control in the preparation of the containers before placing the Flexi-bags in the containers.



The demands of the chemical industry in terms of variety of products and dimensions, complex distribution networks but strict requirements of precision and safety make Transaltic through its comprehensive logistics service for chemical loads provide a more consistent market access. To improve all its logistics stages of its chemical supply chain, we add these services:

  • Management and control of dangerous goods

  • Compliance with global security

  • Solutions for specific packaging

  • General stock control

  • Supply and demand planning



We have the resources and experience to provide a highly competitive advantage in the logistics of machineries all over the world. The proven and reliable service we offer, obtained from a long experience in the sector, has been specifically designed to transport machinery of all kinds.

For the complex logistics needs of manufacturers and suppliers of machinery, we offer customized logistics solutions throughout the value chain. Knowing what each client needs for an adequate logistics of its machinery, we have:

  • Great scale logistics planning projects

  •  Extra dimensional load and excess weight

  • Loading and downloading supervision

  • Development plan and route inspection

  • Engineering Support



We offer specialized logistics and support to oil and gas projects, providing the knowledge and experience to ensure the success of its development.

Thanks to our professional staff we have the ability to coordinate different types of transport, allowing us to help meet the challenges of large scale installations in remote and difficult environments. Transaltic gives a dedicated support all the way from the exploration to the development of oil fields using our competences, key to achieve the adequate logistical development of your enterprise and with additional activities like:


  • Stock management and stock level optimization

  • Minimizing the transfer points and interfaces through the complete offer service.

  • Tracking material through a system for the energy industry.

  •  Global logistics planning and forecasting viability and studies of the methods used for heavy and large shipments.

  •  Follow-up of purchase orders with timing for shipments schedule.

  • Quality and Preventive controls before the loading is done.

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